What We Do

Growing Food, Saving the Planet

Affordable Food

We understand many Baltimore residents are living in a food apartheid where close access to fresh and organic food at an affordable cost is scarce. We believe that every person should have the right to access clean food in order to better take care of their health. As an urban farm, part of our mission is to provide more healthy food to the communities who need it the most. 

Community Space

Our farm is not just for producing food. Our farm is also for community engagement and events. We host workshops, yoga classes, events and more. A part of our mission is to create a safe space for the community to come give a helping hand or to hold their events. 

Designing Your Yard

Not only do we want to produce food for Baltimore residents, we want you to produce food as well! We want to improve the relationship between the consumer and the consumed. We want you to know your food, know where it comes from, and know how to produce it. 

Empower Project

Urban Farm and

Community Center