Mission Statement: 

Empowering communities toward self-sufficiency by engaging residents in the production of affordable, organic food to eliminate food deserts while emphasizing environmental stewardship.


As an urban permaculture farm and community center, our mission is to empower impoverished communities by disrupting poverty cycles through the implementation of our three values.
       1) Engagement. By involving the community in the production of their own nutritious food, we can alleviate the effects of food deserts and elevate the personal relationship that an individual has with their food source empowering them to take control of their health.
       2) Safe Space. By providing a safe space for education and recreation, we can empower communities to care for and take pride in their open spaces and hubs of community engagement.
       3) Education. By being a leading example of regenerative agriculture and architecture we can educate the community about the importance of environmental stewardship while disrupting the debt-incurring cycles of our current power grid, water grid, and food systems.