Volunteer With Us! 

We have two upcoming programs for which you can volunteer and gain community services hours.


Farming 101 Individual Volunteer Days:

 Are you interested in learning about farming and/or gardening? Do you want to know what goes into growing beautiful and nutritious produce on a day to day basis? Come join us as we prepare for the growing season of 2020! Learn how to start seeds, transplant, weed, and bring your produce to market. We are looking for long-term and short term volunteers. We will have "all-hands" days throughout the season on ever Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

This program is for residents 16 and up and will take place from March to November of 2020. Please follow the link below to sign up or contact Sabrina at sabrina.simon@epbmore.com with your interest. 

Farming 101 Full Season Internship:

Are you interested in spending your summer learning about caring for full production vegetable garden? Throughout this internship, you will learn about pest management, soil science, pruning, vegetable care, harvesting, distribution and more. The required commitment for the internship will be 5-8 hours per week, on Friday and Saturday mornings. Work side by side with our permaculture certified farm manager, Sabrina to learn everything you can about the basics of small-scale urban permaculture farming. Please visit the link below to apply or contact Sabrina at sabrina.simon@epbmore.com with your interest. This opportunity qualifies for community service hours. This program is for residents 16 and up and will take place from May to November of 2020.